Cameron is a graduate of the University of Georgia, earning both his Bachelor of English and Master of Social Work. Cameron works with both adolescents and adults, and has experience working with groups and families in a counseling setting. He has experience working with mental health and substance use disorders, offering validation while pushing for the change that each individual needs to build the life they want to live. Cameron has experience working with LGBTQ issues and celebrates diversity and the worth of the individual. Additionally, he has experience advocating for individuals with disabilities and believes that every individual is important and entitled to the access of individualized accommodations that provide them with the opportunity to thrive.

Cameron enjoys working with the individual from a collaborative framework and believes that every individual is the expert on their own experience. He emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the therapist and the individual and believes that the therapeutic bond is fundamental to successful therapy.

Cameron is passionate about DBT and believes that the DBT model is the most effective treatment for individuals who want to address attaining their goals through cognitive and behavioral analysis. He emphasizes the importance of overall wellness and incorporates an attention to healthy physiological functioning in addition to cognitive and behavioral perspectives. 

Cameron Cheney, MSW

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